Meet the Agents The Team

Dico's misson log entry: #104596

"The InternetWorks team is second to none when it comes to tackling web-based development. No matter how dangerous and daring the projects, we always deliver the goods. Who else would I trust to cover my back in a pitched dogfight?"

Dico Reijers The Boss

Specialties: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Sub-orbital airborne interdiction

Dico has been the head of InternetWorks since its inception way back in 1996. Initially a solo operator, Dico has undertaken many missions that would have broken or felled lesser men. But his deep understanding of operational tactics and his MacGyver-like ingenuity have allowed him to beat the odds time and again. As the years passed, he searched the world for other capable individuals that could add to the success of InternetWorks, and has since formed one of the most proficient teams on the scene today.

Dico continues to lead his team from mission to mission, confronting challenges of ever-increasing difficulty. That is, as long as no cheese or mushrooms are involved. Then all bets are off. Yuck.

Greg Fraser The Fixer

Specialties: PHP, MySQL, HTML, XML, CSS, Server Administration, No-rules street hockey

Greg is the steady hand behind many of InternetWorks most important operational functions. He is an experienced designer and developer, having worked with a variety of organizations before finally finding a home with InternetWorks. His keen eye and logical mind can quickly expose the strengths and weaknesses of any plan. Using these uncanny analytical skills, Greg has been instrumental in completing some of InternetWorks most challenging missions.

Although Greg is definitely the go-to guy on the team, he does have his limits. Unsurprisingly, one of his passions is the bone-breaking world of American football. Knowing this fact, it would be unwise to send him an emergency service request on Superbowl Sunday. Consider yourself warned.

Randy Ostridge The Artist

Specialties: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, ActionScript, Photoshop, Stick-figure portraits

Randy can be considered the creative juice flowing through the pulpy innards of InternetWorks. His artistic knack with the blank page is well-known and appreciated, if not at all understood. His strengths lie in imposing organization on assets and information, and he is meticulous and resourceful in completing that task. Whether the design is static, motion, or cheese-flavoured, Randy is always up for the challenge of making it sizzle.

Randy may be considered an artist, but he is first and foremost a nerd. He'll tell you that the stack of comic books in his office is there as drawing reference for his design projects, but he'd be lying. And for goodness sakes, don't ask who'd win a fight between Superman and Thor.

Michele Pineau The Director

Specialties: Communications, Logistics, Accounting, Reading every book ever written

Michele is the communications and logistics specialist of the InternetWorks team. She keeps tabs on external contacts and ensures that the other team members are adequately supplied and informed. Michele has a keen eye for detail and a common-sense approach to problem solving that has saved the team's bacon more than once.

As a giant Star Wars fan, Michele is rumoured to have a fully functional lightsaber hidden in her desk for emergencies. To date no one has been brave enough to test out her Jedi reflexes, so the weapon's confirmed existence remains a mystery.

Charles Tassell The Sage

Specialties: PHP, SQL, HTML, Network Administration, Knowing more than Google

Charles is a special operative brought in by the InternetWorks team for the really messy missions. His depth of knowledge is both inspiring and unnerving, as there are very few questions he cannot answer. With years of experience in what he calls 'network voodoo', Charles can bend machines to his will in ways that most mortals cannot even imagine. Subsisting on large amounts of Pepsi and small amounts of sleep, Charles can always be counted upon for insightful analysis on the most confounding problems.

That fox in the parking lot Uncle Red

Specialties: Sleeping and ... well, pretty much just sleeping

Uncle Red is the spiritual force behind the InternetWorks team. He silently provides guidance to the operatives from his home near the edge of InternetWorks Mission Control. He appears to have an affinity for the stalwart Greg and near contempt for the insipid Randy, while simply tolerating the commanding Dico. It's rumored that he spends no less than 16 hours a day in quiet repose, contemplating the future of InternetWorks through dream-reading. But we're pretty sure it's closer to 20 hours. Especially since he snores. And won't get out of our only spare parking spot. Damn lazy vulpes.